Necta Sfera

necta sferafood vending machine

The Sfera Food is a vending machine with two temperature areas, enabling it for the dispensing of snacks and fresh food products. It has a high capacity to size ratio, and with up to 48 different product selections, the Sfera Food is very flexible and gives the end users an optimal choice of products. The products are optimally displayed, due to the large and well lit glass-front.

  • Two separate temperature areas: below 4 in the lower 3 trays for food products, and 8-14 in the upper 3 trays for snacks and cold drinks
  • Anti-condensation system in the cold area
  • Safety block in the software guarantees correct conservation of food products
  • Up to 48 selections
  • 5 direct selection buttons for high turnover products
  • "Virtual" and "Combined" selections
  • Userfriendly and ergonomic delivery bin (patented)
  • Photocell detection system guaranteed delivery
  • Front hot air outlet (patented) saving 10 cm on the depth of the machine
  • Separate compartment for payment systems and electronics
  • Unbreakable lexan panel on the door
  • Good products visibility thanks to 2 lamps located on the top and lateral sides
  • Possibility to select between tiltable and non-tiltable trays (patented)
  • New tray support system gives more vertical space and no ``lift`` of the trays
  • Motorised coin returm
  • Sfera Food can be banked alongside Astro working in master/slave mode
  • Size: Height 1830 mm, Width 880 mm, Depth 890.
  • Height 1830mm
  • Width 880mm
  • Depth 890mm