Westomatic Easy 5000

westomatic easy 5000 vending machine

The Easy5000 is a drum merchandiser with a difference. Why waste time in the frustrating search for snack and food selections when you can have two-way rotation of individual drums for a faster, easier and an overall more thoughtful approach to product selection. Innovative multi-drum pricing also means you can have a wider choice of products with up to three selling prices per drum rather than simply offer "more of the same" because all the prices need to be same.

The EASY5000's total temperature control system with superior insulation and refrigeration mean that variation in cabinet temperature is minimal in conditions of up to 32C and 65% humidity - and that's hot! For extra peace of mind the machine is able to monitor product shelf life and includes a health control thermostat that prevents selections being made should the temperature rise above a pre-determined level.

  • 8-drum model (shown)- standard capacity of 96 items
  • 10-drum model - standard capacity of 136 items.
  • Intelligent loading records date of stocking and monitors shelf life to ensure only fresh items are vended.
  • Up to 3 selling prices per drum.
  • Co-ordinated microwave stand available.
  • Bi-directional shopper buttons on each drum for easier, faster product selection.
  • Height 1830mm
  • Width 880mm
  • Depth 890mm