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Westomatic Easy 6000

easy 6000 food vending machine

Westomatic Easy 6000

The Easy 6000 is a caterer’s dream, offering a wide choice of fresh, chilled food faster, easier, twenty four hours a day.

Hospitals, universities and 24 hour sites can now offer more than a sandwich or bag of crisps with the combination of the Easy 6000 and Easy Kitchen.




  • Customizable shelf layout.
  • Power LED lighting for attractive merchandising – no more fluorescent light tubes to replace!
  • Quiet operation - near-silent refrigeration system perfect for offices and noise sensitive locations
  • Links to contactless card and mobile phone payment system
easy 6000 fodd vending machine
  • Flexible layout that can offer snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles
  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption
easy 6000 food vending machine with microwave
  • Simply select your meal and the Easy 6000 will activate one of two microwaves within the Easy Kitchen.
  • Rolling price display
easy 600 features
  • Large capacity drum.
  • Payment system or freevend, coin or cashless systems at the same time.
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